Wednesday, July 17, 2013

British Parliament Completes Passage Of Marriage Equality Bill!

Woo hoo! The British Parliament has completed its work on the marriage equality bill with final passage happening late Monday Tuesday fternoon. The last step for the measure to become law is Royal Assent.

Pink News reports
The equal marriage bill was passed in the House of Commons, and as all amendments added in the House of Lords were accepted, it will not be required to go back to the Lords.
The publisher of and Out4Marriage founder Benjamin Cohen said this evening: “We are delighted that after five years of editorial campaigning and just three years after we received the support of the three main party leaders, Parliament has finally approved same-sex marriage.
“Giving gay couples the right to marry will make Britain a more tolerant, open and welcoming place to live in and significantly increase the life prospects of so many people. It is absolutely fantastic that this change in the law, almost uniquely, was proposed by a Conservative prime minister and his Liberal Democrat Deputy with the support of the Labour party leader. Sometimes politicians can work together for the common good and this is a stunning example of this.”
Congratulations to England and Wales! Apparently, same-sex couples will be able to start getting married sometime next year and couples in civil partnerships will be able to convert them into marriages at that time.

UPDATE WED 07/17/2013 10:50AM EDT
Royal Assent has been given, so marriage equality is the law of the land in England and Wales!

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