Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrity Friday: Nude John Isner in ESPN Magazine

Today's Celebrity Friday is John Isner, who is appearing nude in this year's ESPN Body Issue. This is basically the biggest "sporn" event of the year in the media. Other tennis players who have appeared are James Blake and Serena Williams, who appeared on the cover of the inaugural issue four years ago. Agnieska Radwanska also appears nude in this year's issue.

Isner gives some thoughtful answers to the questions asked in the interview, and finally reveals his true height (6-foot-10):
What do you like about your body?JI: I'm a tall guy; I'm 6'10". I've done a good job putting some meat on my bones since my freshman year of college. It's taken a lot of work. I was just under 200 pounds my freshman year; I was 6'8" and 198 pounds. Now I'm 6'10", 238. I could get heavier if I just ate a little bit more, but for my playing weight, I like being between 235 and 240. But back in college, I was a tall, goofy, underdeveloped kid. At 19, I didn't have a hair on my face. When I was 20, I looked 14. I feel I've grown out of that stage. I just turned 28, and, luckily for me, I look like a 28-year-old.

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