Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Federal Gov't Shuts Down Due To GOP Intransigence

The federal government shutdown at 12:01 am this morning when Republicans who control the U.S. House refused to pass a "clean continuing resolution" that would authorize the federal government to spend funds. Republicans are insisting that various public policy positions they want to be enacted into law be included in any legislation that funds the government. Democrats, who control the United States Senate and the Presidency, refuse to go along with these demands.

It's amazing for me to think that just 6 weeks ago I was still working at a federal agency (National Science Foundation) that is now shut down along with every other "non-essential" federal agency. My best wishes go out to all my former co-workers there and I hope that you all are not permanently impacted negatively by the political shenanigans going on in Congress.

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