Wednesday, October 09, 2013

GODLESS WEDNESDAY: Creationists Sponsoring Billboards

Since I have often blogged about the numerous publicity campaigns that atheists and secular humanists have been conducting to promote the belief (that I share!) that there is no God, I thought I would also blog about the development that some religious people are putting up billboard challenging atheists.

Ken Ham is a notorious religious extremist who believes in "young Earth creationism" (or the idea that the Earth was created roughly 6,000 years ago) which is contrary to basic scientific facts. He is one of the primary forces behind he Creation Museum in Kentucky. Now comes word that Ham is putting up billboards in major cities with the words: "To All Of Our Atheist Friends: THANK GOD YOU'RE WRONG." The billboards promote a website called

Ham gives this explanation for the billboards:
  1. First of all, we are not angry at the atheists at all—we are burdened for them as people who will be lost for eternity, unless they receive the free gift of salvation. We want them to know that Christians love them as humans made in the image of God—but sinners in need of salvation.
  2. These atheists should thank God that they can receive the free gift of salvation and be saved for eternity. Yes, they need to thank God they have been wrong and turn to the truth.
  3. Those of us who have received the free gift of salvation and are truly born again as the Bible teaches can thank God the atheists are wrong—we thank God for our salvation and look forward to an eternity with our Creator and Savior.
It will be interesting to see if these billboards get more or less attention than the atheist billboards. It is interesting that the religious people are starting to mimic the tactics of the irreligious. I would tend to think that means they think that we are winning, no?

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