Monday, December 09, 2013

EYE CANDY: Broderick Hunter

Broderick Hunter is a well-known male model. He is listed as 22-years-old, 6'2" and 188 pounds. According to an interview in Details magazine, Facebook was instrumental in Broderick becoming a successful model:
How were you discovered? When I was on Facebook late one night a photographer named Tyren Redd reached out to me saying, "I don't know if anyone's ever told you, but you should be a model." I was kind of shocked and felt weird about it because I come from a long background of playing basketball. Not only was this new to me, but I also thought it was uncommon. I thought about it and ended up taking his photo-shoot offer because I figured it'd be a cool experience.
After I got the shots back I immediately threw them on my Facebook page. Days later I ended up on blogs and other social media sites and was so confused because I didn't think I was that good. I said to myself, "hmm, maybe we've got something here." I shot with Tyren a few more times and months after that, I quit playing basketball and made the decision to pursue modeling.
After about a year of being in the business on my own, I approached [modeling agent] Michael Maddox via Facebook about a casting he had posted. I submitted him my pictures and he liked me, so he offered to take over my career. I did some research and saw he managed quite a few successful people, so I took the offer and he placed me in all of the wonderful agencies I'm currently with.
In the interview he also mentions how difficult it is to find shoes that fit his size 13 (gulp!) feet. Hmmm, dark chocolate and huge feet? You know what that means....

Enjoy the pictures!

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Graham said...

Que negrito tan rico. Sí fuera mi chico le exigiría que me follara todos los días, mínimo dos veces.


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