Thursday, November 06, 2014

Same-Sex Couples Getting Married In Missouri After Court Ruling

Missouri joined the ranks of marriage equality states today when a state judge struck down the Show Me state's ban on same-sex couples being issued marriage licenses and no stay was issued on the effect of the decision.

The Attorney General of Missouri issued this statement in response to the decision in State of Missouri v. Jennifer Florida:
We have appealed the ruling to the Missouri Supreme Court. The constitutional challenge to Missouri's historically recognized right to define marriage must be presented to and resolved by the state's highest court. Following decisions in Idaho and Alaska, the United States Supreme Court has refused to grant stays on identical facts. We will not seek a stay of this court’s order when the United States Supreme Court has ruled none should be granted.
Hopefully the state Supreme Court will issue a speedy ruling on the issue. Missouri is in the 8th circuit, which is one of the few federal appellate circuits which has not ruled on the question of whether state bans on marriage equality violate the federal constitution. The current case is in the state system but presumably there are parallel legal avenues ongoing in the federal system.

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