Monday, November 03, 2014

Pro Strongman Champ Rob Kearney Comes Out As Gay

So, this is pretty cool. Rob Kearney is a 25-year-old professional strongman currently ranked as the #2 middleweight champion in the world. Last week he decided to come out to the world as a proud gay man by posting this to Facebook:

The social media post included some of the pictures at the top of this blog post with his boyfriend Joey.

The reaction to Kearney's coming out has been apparently overwhelmingly (but not entirely, of course) positive.
"I thought it was important to be honest," he told me.  "People need to know that one of the top strength athletes on the planet is also gay.  But I didn't want it to affect my ability to compete.  And that possibility definitely crossed my mind before I made that post." 
But once made, the first reactions were overwhelming.  "I can't remember this many people being this supportive and encouraging in my life!" he raved to me.  "I mean, I have always had people back me for events, but that was nothing compared to the sheer numbers of positive messages that came to me.  It was really humbling!" 
Rob is aware that the real impact of his revelation would be felt more gradually over time.  "I am not only the first actively competitive professional world strongman," he explained to me.  "I am also a gay strength coach."

Just as I did when I blogged about Apple CEO Tim Cook's official coming out this week, I congratulate Rob on his openness. It is precisely because of the examples provided by people like Kearney and Cook  (that people of all sexual orientations are in every walk of life) is why those of us who fight for and believe in full LGT equality are confident that eventually (some days soon!)we will live in a world where everyone will be judged by the content of their character and not have their hopes and aspirations impeded by their sexual orientation.

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