Tuesday, October 27, 2015

WTA TOUR FINALS 2015: Sharapova Reaches SF Round In 15 of 16 Scenarios

The second round of the Red Group has been played and Maria Sharapova defeated top seed Simona Halep in straight sets, while Flavia Pennetta handed Aggie Radwanska her second defeat.

This means that it is very likely that Maria Sharapova will reach the semifinal elimination round in almost every scenario. The only way she doesn't make it is if she loses to Pennetta in straight sets and Halep beat Radwanska in straight sets.


carter said...

Any thoughts on what has happened to Ag's game. Watched the match last night against Flavia, and she does not look the same as when she was much higher ranked.
In fact, has not for several months now.
It looks like this is Maria's tournament to lose.
However, stay tuned.

Ron Buckmire said...

Well she showed with her win over Kerber that she can still use her deadly bag of tricks to outfox and outthink even the very best players on tour.


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