Tuesday, March 06, 2012

POLL: Marriage Equality Support Leads 49% to 40%

A new national poll from the NBC/Wall Street Journal shows that support for marriage equality nationwide is still leading the opposition outside of the margin of error (which is ±3.5 points), with 49% supporting and 40% opposing.

As LGBT Think Progress notes, this demonstrates a huge swing from exactly 8 years ago when only 30% supported marriage equality and 62% opposed it.

Some other key findings in the poll are that the number of people who know someone personally who is gay or lesbian is now up to 64% (from 62%), and 3% of the sample self-identifies as gay or lesbian, with 15% saying the gay/lesbian person they know is a friend, 23% say it is a family member and 26% say it is a co-worker.

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