Friday, July 13, 2012

POLL: Maine Supports Marriage Equality 57-35

Maine has consistently been showing support for marriage equality above 50% (even accounting for the margin of error of the poll). Another poll in June had support at 55-36 while this month the poll shows supports is basically unchanged, with marriage equality ahead 57-35. Polls in April 2012 (58.2-39.9) and March 2012 (54-41) also indicated strong support for marriage equality. When they announced in January 2012 the campaign to win marriage at the ballot box in Maine LGBT activists revealed that their own polling at the time showed support at 54-42.

Looks like we have a very good chance to continue to have more states and American citizens living with marriage equality at the end of the year then at the beginning of it. You can support the effort by contacting Mainers United for Marriage

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