Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anti-Gay Marriage Side Using Same Ad Everywhere

The heterosexual supremacists who are paying Frank Schubert to run all four of the anti-gay marriage ballot campaigns in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington should be annoyed that he is charging each one of them for his services (to the tune of millions of dollars personally) while he is creating the same, identical campaign in each state. Surely there should be a buy one, get 3 free deal?

Look at this new video compilation of the identical ad airing in four different states from Leadership Lab's David Fleischer who has been fighting anti-gay marriage initiatives since the first one in 1998(!) in Hawaii which demonstrates that the fight around LGBT equality at the ballot box has always been about reconciling in heterosexual minds the connection(s) between homosexuality and children, regardless of what the actual issues (i.e. gay marriage) has actually been about. Do heterosexuals really think it is okay for their own kids to group up to be gay or lesbian, or would they try and take some action (i.e. vote) to stop that from occurring, if they could? Logically, of course, most parents must realize that there is no action that can impact their child's sexual orientation, but emotionally they may be able to be manipulated to vote a certain way to indicate that they wish they could do something about that.

Eventually, homosexuality will not been by a significant majority of heterosexuals as a "disorder," and that is the day when these ads by Schubert will stop working to enact discriminatory ant-gay laws at the ballot box. The million-dollar question this year is, is 2012 the year that happens? We'll know more in just over a week. Stay tuned!

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