Monday, October 22, 2012

POLLS: Marriage Equality Ahead in Maryland

There have been many polls on marriage equality about Marriage Equality in light of the referendum campaign around Question 6, which if passed would uphold that state's marriage equality law.

The latest poll from Washington Post continues to show an edge for Question 6 in Maryland, with 52% in support of marriage equality while 43% oppose it.

This is the fourth poll in a row which shows that marriage equality is ahead in Maryland, as summarized by the LGBT Think Progress blog as 49-3951-43, and 54-40 and depicted graphically above. Veterans of previous ballot fights over marriage equality such as myself would note that none of these public polls are sufficiently above the all-important 50% barrier outside the margin of error for the poll, which makes us nervous.

Then again, it's better to be publicly ahead then publicly behind. It's also encouraging to see that in Maryland, polls suggest that voters are supporting the referendum on Question 4 by an overwhelming 59% to 35% margin. Question 4, if passed, would enact a state version of the DREAM Act. It's hard to see Maryland voters passing question 4 and rejecting Question 6 on the same day, so the healthy margin for Question 4 is also encouraging.

Hat/tip to LGBT Think Progress.

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