Thursday, May 02, 2013

POLL: 49% Of Oregon Voters Would Repeal Marriage Equality Ban

A recent poll of 500 Oregon voters asked the question "Do you favor or oppose changing the Oregon constitution to allow same-sex marriage in the state?" and 49% of voters say they Favor doing so and 42% say they Oppose doing it. The margin of error is somewhere between ±2.6% and ±4.4%.

This is seen as reasonably good news (at least the good guys are ahead) but is a somewhat odd result since we know that a majority of Americans nationwide support marriage equality and that according to a geographical analysis by UCLA Law School's Williams Institute, there are twelve states in which marriage equality support is a majority and  Oregon is one of them, at 54% (with the actual number being somewhere between 49% and 58%).

This is good news for a potential ballot measure which is expected to be presented to voters in the November 2014 election that would repeal the constitutional amendment banning marriage equality passed in November 2004.

hat/tip to TowleRoad

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