Saturday, May 31, 2014

MadProfessah Endorsements for June 3, 2014 Primary Election

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for!  Here are MadProfessah's positions on how I will be voting in the June 3 2014 Statewide Primary Election, compared with endorsements from other organizations like the Los Angeles Times,  California Democratic Party, East Area Progressive Democrats and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. For more information about judicial candidates, check out the LA County Bar Association.

Statewide Measures        MadProf   LA TIMES DEMOCRATS
Prop. 41 (Homeless Vets)  Yes       Yes      Yes
Prop. 41 (Open Meetings)  Yes       Yes      Yes

Statewide Races          MadProf  LA TIMES DEMOCRATS
Governor                 Brown*   Brown*     Brown*
Lieutenant Governor      Newsom*  Newsom*    Newsom*
Attorney General         Harris*  Harris*    Harris*
Secretary of State       Padilla  Peterson   NONE
Treasurer                Chiang   Chiang     Chiang
Controller               Perez    Swearingen NONE
Insurance Commissioner   Jones*   Jones*     Jones*   
Supt. of Public Inst.    Torlakson* Tuck      Torlakson*
Bd. of Equalization, #1  NONE       ---      Parker    
Bd. of Equalization, #2  Ma         ---      Ma
Bd. of Equalization, #3  NONE       ---      Horton*
Bd. of Equalization, #4  NONE       ---      NONE

LA County Races          MadProf  LA TIMES   DEMOCRATS
Assessor                 Prang    Morris     Prang
Sheriff                  Hellmold McDonnell  NONE
Supervisor, District 1   Solis    Solis      Solis
Supervisor, District 3   Kuehl    Duran      Kuehl
Judicial Races           MadProf    LA TIMES  DEMOCRATS
Superior Ct, Office 22   Matsumoto  Matsumoto   Matsumoto
Superior Ct, Office 48   NONE       Calderon    NONE
Superior Ct, Office 54   Losnick    Losnick   Losnick
Superior Ct, Office 61   Lewis      Lewis      Lewis
Superior Ct, Office 72   NONE       NONE       NONE
Superior Ct, Office 76   Kim        Estrada     Kim
Superior Ct, Office 82   NONE       NONE        NONE
Superior Ct, Office 87   Stein      Stein       Stein
Superior Ct, Office 90   NONE       NONE         NONE
Superior Ct, Office 97   Armstead   Armstead     NONE
Superior Ct, Office 107  Castro     Castro       Castro
Superior Ct, Office 113  NONE       Wiese        NONE
Superior Ct, Office 117  NONE       Pierce*      NONE
Superior Ct, Office 138  NONE       Armstrong    NONE
Superior Ct, Office 157  Mednick    Cooper       NONE

Candidates* with an asterisk are incumbents. Openly LGBT candidates are in italics.

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