Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 NEBULA AWARDS: Ancillary Justice Wins Best Novel!

The 2013 Nebula awards were announced by the Science Fiction Writers of America yesterday and the winner for Best Novel is Ann Leckie's debut novel, Ancillary Justice, which was also nominated for a Hugo award and has already won the Arthur C. Clarke award for Best Novel and is nominated for the Locus award for best first novelAncillary Justice also co-won the British SF award this year as well.

Congratulations to Ms. Leckie, I am growing ever more curious about this book, although I have so far seen one negative review of the book, Hey, no one can please everyone! There are many, many more positive and glowing reviews of it, however.

I haven't read  Ancillary Justice, yet, but with my birthday coming up this week either someone will get it for me (I hope!) or I'll get it for myself!

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