Friday, November 07, 2008

California and Los Angeles Election Results Summary

Here is an update on MadProfessah's endorsements for the November 4, 2008 election. The results can be found at the Secretary of State's website.
Proposition Number (Topic)                MadProfessah      RESULT

1A (High Speed Train Bond) YES YES
2 (Humane Farming) YES YES
3 (Children's Hospital Bond) NO YES
4 (Teen Safety Initiative) NO NO

5 (Non-Violent Drug Offenses) YES NO

6 (Prison Expansion) NO NO

7 (Renewable Energy Expansion) YES NO

8 (Eliminates Marriage Rights) HELL NO YES

9 (Victim Rights Amendment) NO YES

10 (Billionaire Renewable Energy Scam) NO N

11 (Republican-Favored Re-districting) NO YES

12 (Veterans' Housing Bond) YES YES


Measure A (Anti-Gang Parcel Tax Increase) NO NO

Measure B (Low Rent Housing Update) NO NO

Measure J (Community College Vond) YES YES

Measure Q (LAUSD School Bond) NO YES

Measure R (MTA Sales Tax Increase) YES YES

Measure U (Unincorporated County User Tax) NO NO

State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas easily won his run-off election with Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks for the 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor seat.

Every judge that I endorsed lost except for Hilleri Grossman Merritt.

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