Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens was released in March but MadProfessah and the Other Half saw it in late May. It was created by Dreamworks Animation, the people who made the Shrek movies and last year's Bolt (see review).

Monsters vs. Aliens features the voice talents of Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Rainn Wilson, Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Keiefer Sutherland and Stephen Colbert. It was written and directed by Rob Letterman.

Monsters vs. Aliens is currently the #2 grossing movie of 2009, (right behind Star Trek) having made just about $195 million dollars to date, but it will almost definitely be passed by Pixar's Up (see MadProfessah's review) very shortly. It is nowhere as good as these two critically acclaimed summer blockbusters, but it is enjoyable, passable entertainment.

The film is both a spoof of 1950s alien invasion films as well as a loving homage. The main character Susan Murphy (well-voiced by Reese Witherspoon) gets hit by a falling meteor and turned into a canonical "50-foot woman" and gets kidnapped by the US government to a secret military facility where she meets other monsters the US government has been holding for decades. When an alien invades the USA, the government deploys their monsters to attempt to defeat the alien invasion. Fun and chaos ensues.

Running Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes. MPAA Rating: PG for sci-fi action, some crude humor and mild language.

Plot: C+.
Acting: B+.
Visuals: B+.
Impact: B.

Overall Grade: B/B-.

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movie links said...

No doubt - Monsters vs. Aliens is the most hilarious kids' movie I have EVER seen! I was laughing and tearing even with no reasonable reason :)


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