Thursday, June 14, 2012

Support For Marriage Equality in UK Hits 71%!

According to the Pink Paper, a recent poll demonstrates that the British public overwhelming supports the move towards marriage equality championed by Tory Prime Minister David Cameron.

Respondents were asked to what extent they supported the idea: “The Government intends to extend the legal form and name of civil marriage to same-sex couples.” 71 percent were in favour of the move.
YouGov surveyed 2,074 adults in England, Scotland and Wales online between 25th November and 5th December last year.
The poll revealed that three in five people believed there was public prejudice against Britain’s 3.7 million lesbian, gay and bisexual people.
The poll was part of an extensive report on attitudes towards LGBT people in Great Britain entitled Living Together issued by Britain's national LGBT advocacy organization (or organisation?) Stonewall in time for pride.
Hat/tip to LGBT Think Progress.

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