Sunday, June 24, 2012

SUCCULENT SUNDAY: Eriosyce paucicostata ssp floccosa

​Eriosyce paucicostata ​ssp ​floccosa​ is reportedly known only from the region of Blanco Encalada in the coastal mountains of Antofagasta, Chile. It has been known under many synonyms, especially ​Neoporteria floccosa ​and ​Neochil​enia floccosa.

This young specimen has white spines and wool obscuring the green body. Some individuals are not covered quite so completely.

Flowers have the appearance of antique paper, with the outer petals a darker pink, fading to pale pink for the inner petals.

Eriosyce paucicostata ssp floccosa are noted for long hairs under the flowers. Full grown plants look somewhat different, but the plant pictured in habitat is just as completely covered by long spines, wool, and hairs. (This photo is at
Eriosyce paucicostata ssp floccosa in habitat from

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