Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Godless Wednesday: Millenial Youth Reject God

New longitudinal survey data on religion from the Pew Research Center for Poeple & The Press shows that the Millenial generation (i.e. Americans 18-29 years old) have a sharply different view on the existence of God than their older, more religious cohorts. Only 67% agree with the statement "I Never Doubt The Existence of God" compared to truly scary numbers like 81% (ages 30-49), 86% (ages 50-64) and 87% (age 65+).

Pew, which has been studying the trend for 25 years, finds that just 6[7] percent of millennials in 2012 agree with the statement “I never doubt the existence of God.” That’s down from 76 percent in 2009 and 83 percent in 2007.
Among other generations, belief in God is high and has seen few changes over the last few decades. Between 81 and 89 percent of older generations say they never doubt the existence of God, although the older the generation, the more likely they are to believe in God.

Hat/tip to Talking Points Memo

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