Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 Weeks Until Election: Obama 233, Romney 195

There are now two weeks until election day, a mere 14 days and the presidential race is getting even tighter. Last week the difference between Obama-Biden 2012 and Romney-Ryan 2012 was 25 electoral votes, with the blue team at 247 electoral votes to the red team's 222.

This week, both teams have had their electoral vote totals reduced as more states slip into the Undecided (or yellow) category from last week. Obama-Buden lost 14 electoral votes while Romney-Ryan lost 27, nearly twice as many. There are a total of 8 states in the yellow category: Ohio (18), Iowa(6) , New Hampshire (4), Virginia (13), Florida (29), Pennsylvania (20),  Arizona (11) and Colorado (9) totally 120 electoral votes. This is because once the polling average becomes 2 points or less, the TPM Electoral Scoreboard considers  the state to be in the "Undecided" category.

However the blue team now has a lead of 38 electoral votes with 14 days to go. Some of the states that are listed as undecided are very likely to revert to their historical pattern, with Arizona's 11 electoral votes going to the Republicans and Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes going to the blue team.

If there any dramatic changes in the next few days I may post updates on a more frequent schedule instead of waiting for next week.

Stay tuned!

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Carter said...

My definition of America still seems appropriate in light of this graph:
There is the East, the West, and the rest.
Note the blues versus the reds - hmmm!


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