Friday, May 03, 2013

Delaware Marriage Equality Vote Tue May 7;; Result In Doubt

The latest whip count on HB75 in the Delaware State Senate from Delaware Liberal has the marriage equality bill's fate still very much in doubt, with 10 (Democratic) Senators labeled as YES votes and 9 Senators (7 Republicans and 2 Democrats) labeled as No votes on HB 75. There are two undecided (or publicly unknown) Senators: Bethany Hall-Long (D-Newark) and Catherine Cloutier (R-Heatherbrooke). You can contact them at: or 302-744-4197 or or 302-744-4286
Even though there is more support for the marriage equality bill than opposition, it will not pass the Senate unless it has 11 confirmed votes in the 21 member body. Not voting or absences are counted as NO votes. The good thing is that the bill is now on the Senate floor, having made it through committee by a 4-2 vote on May 1. It is scheduled to be considered by the full Senate on Wednesday May 8 Tuesday May 7.

This is the last legislative step before marriage equality becomes law with Governor Markell's signature since HB 75 passed the state House by a vote of 23-18 on Wednesday April 23rd.

Since Rhode Island enacted marriage equality on Thursday May 1st, Delaware would become the 11th state to enact marriage equality if HB 75 passes on Wednesday.

If you live in Delaware or know anyone else who does, please have them contact their state Senator and the two State Senators above to let them know your thoughts on marriage equality.

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