Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another Hot Muslim Villain on TV

The actor Haaz Sleiman appeared in a few episodes of Season 6 of the hit Fox television series 24 recently as one of the suspected Muslim terrorists who are rounded up by the federal government in response to an ongoing terrorist bombing campaign. I had noticed the handsome actor before in Maurice Jamal's uneven gay, black film The Ski Trip, where Haaz plays the incredibly attractive object of desire named Tyson. He has the kind of look which makes you go "Dayummmmmmmmmmm!"

Mad Professah has blogged before about the portrayal of improbably handsome terrorists in recent television shows like Showtime's Sleeper Cell and Fox's 24. I suspect that there is some kind of mitigation efforts by producers going on who are trying to make amends for stereotypical portrayals of Arabs and Muslims as involved in terrorism by casting above average looking actors in those roles.

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