Saturday, March 23, 2013

Line for DOMA/Prop 8 USSC Oral Arguments Begins

The biggest gay week in the history of the United States Supreme Court is happening next week, when the Court hears oral arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry  and United States v. Windsor on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. These cases both involve marriage equality, and will have vast implications on the state of legal equality for LGBT Americans for the foreseeable future.

Unsurprisingly, as of Thursday the line to get in to attend the oral arguments had begun to form (as pictured above, thanks to Andy Towle). There's a young gay guy blogging and tweeting about his experience in line and why he decided to camp for 5 days to be a witness to history. Most of the people in line are apparently professional placeholders, but there are atleast a half-dozen who are just concerned citizens passionately interested in the issue of LGBT equality.

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