Monday, February 25, 2008

New Haaz Sleiman Movie: The Visitor

Mad Professah first noticed actor Haaz Sleiman in Maurice Jamal's The Ski Trip but first blogged about him during his stint as "another improbably handsome muslim terrorist" on 24 last season.

During previews for the movie Persepolis I saw an ad where his dazzling smile is features in the trailer for The Visitor, an independent film starring Richard Jenkins (the father in Six Feet Under) as a college professor who travels to New York City and finds an immigrant couple (played by Haaz Sleiman and Hiam Abbass) living in his apartment. The film was written and directed by Thomas McCarthy (who also wrote and drercted the indie hit The Station Agent), and was presented at this year's Sundance Film festival. Thomas McCarthy plays the ethically challenged reporter Scott Templeton on the current (and final) season of The Wire. Mad Professah applauds MCarthy for casting Sleiman in his second feature film and looks forward to seeing more of this talented (and improbably handsome) actor in the future! (hat/tip IMDb.)


Michael Crawford said...

Okay, M.P., please tell me that you can hook me up with with Haaz. I would marry this man in a heartbeat.

Mad Professah said...

paws off, doggy!! I saw him first.

It's good to see we share the same taste :)

MrRed2020 said...

Really looking forward to checking out Haaz in the Visitor when it hits theaters on April 11. He's a wonderful actor, and I also love Richard Jenkins from Six Feet Under. I found a few clips from The Visitor on the film's homepage here:


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