Monday, March 21, 2011

Eye Candy: Darrell Holloman

Darrell Holloman is another beautiful find by TonyJoe over at the Dark Flex blog. Darrell is "a personal trainer, actor and fitness model originally from Jacksonville, Florida and now living in New York City."

He has  a Model Mayhem page and a Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

This guy took $400 from my checking acct, without my authorization, while I was in the hospital recovering from a stroke. With further investigation and background check, I find he has a criminal record (petty theft, bad checks, trespassing). In all this guy tricked me out of $619 not including the $85 traffic ticket I had to pay for his violation that my car was ticketed for while HE was driving it. Not only am I out much needed money, but still recovering from my stroke. BAD KARMA DARRELL!!!!!!! BAD KARMA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
Are you a female or a gay male? Is Darrell gay?

Anonymous said...

First of all, this is a false statement by a woman name Georgette Milwood,that is really mentally unstable, I know Darrell Holloman and he would never do anything of that nature. She has been taken to court for spreading lies, and Darrell Holloman is not gay!

Anonymous said...

Darrell...FAKE, craves attention, lonely, insecure...please get help before it's too late. Find a good woman who won't take your shit!!!!


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