Wednesday, March 09, 2011

MD Delegate Comes Out As Marriage Bill Debate Starts Today

Delegate Peter Murphy, is a divorced father of two who came out
on the eve of the vote to legalize marriage equality in Maryland
The Washington Blade is reporting that Maryland Delegate Peter Murphy has decided to reveal he is gay, becoming the 8th member of Maryland's LGBT legislative caucus, which is now the largest of any state's in the country.(California has 7 openly LGBT members between our 80-member Assembly and 40-member Senate, with the Speaker of the Assembly John Perez being openly gay.)  Maryland's General Assembly consists of a 141-member House of Delegates and a 47-member Senate.

From The Washington Blade

Murphy represents a conservative part of the state, but said he’s not concerned about any backlash in making his sexual orientation public in the media. 
“I’m not concerned,” he said. “People who know me know that I represent everyone in the district. I work hard to make sure that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to be heard.” 
Asked if he would now join the Maryland LGBT Caucus, Murphy admitted he didn’t know that it existed. 
“I just come here to do my work,” he said, “I’m not a big social person. I’ve never felt any pressure from anyone to be anything but what I am.” 
He added that officials at Equality Maryland, the statewide LGBT rights group, have known for years that he’s gay and that he supports their issues. In addition to sponsoring the marriage equality bill, Murphy also supports the pending bill to ban discrimination in employment and housing based on gender identity. 
“We’re so grateful to have Del. Peter Murphy among the LGBT Caucus of Maryland,” said Lisa Polyak, vice president of Equality Maryland’s board of directors. “We’re gratified that he’s a supporter of marriage equality and the gender identity bill. It shows that LGBT people live everywhere in the great state of Maryland, including in the Southern Maryland delegation. We’re always happy to have the support of Del. Murphy and now more so as a member of the LGBT Caucus.”

The surprising announcement brings extra drama to what will already be an exciting day as House Bill 175, the Civil Marriage Protection Act is being debated on the House floor and is expected to pass.

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