Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Gossip: Is Serena Dating Her Coach?

One interesting tidbit in the New York Times Sunday magazine cover story ("Venus and Serena Against The World") written by John Jeremiah Sullivan on The Williams Sisters that was published the day before the 2012 US Open started three weeks ago was the tidbit that Serena spends a fair amount of time in Paris and speaks passable French.

Now comes word that Serena may be practicing more than her French and groundstrokes with her "part-time coach" Patrick Mouratouglou, who was in her player's box when Serena won a thrilling 3-set final against Victoria Azarenka last Sunday to claim her 4th US Open crown and 15th major.

Chris Chase Jonathan Wall of Yahoo! Sports Busted Racquet blog re-posted the above picture (and others) from a French gossip website which shows Serena and Mouratouglou to be closer than one would expect for a typical player-coach relationship. I don't think we'll ever see pictures of Azarenka with Sam Sumac or Maria Sharapova with Thomas Hogstedt.

Mouratouglou is 42 years old (Serena turns 31 on September 26th) and runs a tennis academy in Paris.

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Scent of Eros for Women said...

Practicing together most of the time, taking advices from him, talking to him more often, it is not a surprise that Serena will be
falling for her coach, Patrick. Sometimes, familiarity is the key. I just hope this does not affect her overall performance as an athlete.


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