Monday, July 06, 2015

Wesley Chu's Time Salvager May Become Michael Bay Movie

Wesley Chu's latest book Time Salvager is not released until tomorrow, is getting very strong reviews and it has already been optioned to become a Hollywood movie by a big name Hollywood director known for his (generally awful) box-office blockbusters. is reporting about a deal where Michael Bay (Transformers) will direct a film for Paramount Pictures based on Chu's Time Salvager with the author set to be an executive producer.

Chu is the author of the Tao series of books that I read and positively reviewed earlier this year. I think those books would make an excellent series of movies (or better, a TV series). Anyway, I have no idea how Hollywood works. Regardless, I am looking forward to reading Time Salvager when it comes out tomorrow. (It's on sale at for half-price today!)

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