Saturday, July 18, 2015

SATURDAY POLITICS: Jeb! Comes Out (In Favor Of Equal LGB Employment Rights) At The State Level

Freedom For All Americans is a new group formed in the mode of Freedom to Marry that is a campaign to "ensure that all LGBT Americans are afforded comprehensive protections from discrimination."

Despite the EEOC ruling this week that existing federal law protects LGB people nationwide from discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation, there are a lot of other areas where LGBT people are still subject to discrimination without a legal recourse.

FFAA got a boost this week when Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush endorsed LGBT-inclusive protections against discrimination at the state level by saying:
“I don’t think you should be discriminated because of your sexual orientation. Period. Over and out.”
It will be interesting to see if his rivals for the GOP nomination will join him or condemn him for taking this stance.

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