Friday, July 31, 2015

CELEBRITY FRIDAY: Kordale and Kaleb (2 Hot Gay Dads) Broke Up

In January I blogged about the heartwarming story of a Kodak commercial featuring a Black gay male couple and their three kids. The names of the guys in the couple are Kordale Anthony and Caleb Lewis and the two have nearly 200 000 followers on Instagram.

Of course, this being America, we now have news from People magazine that the couple has broken up.
It seems Anthony and Lewis made an effort to work out their issues but ultimately could not mend feelings of "disrespect."  
"Neither one of us were perfect in our relationship, but when you are blatantly disrespected by someone who is supposed to be working with you to make y'all better, going to counseling smiling and telling you how much everything is going to work out…it's over," Anthony writes.  
Anthony assures his kids Desmiray, Malia, and Kordale Jr. that he will still be there for them despite the breakup. 
I wish the best for Kordale and Caleb and hope that things work out for the best.

Hat/tip to Wonder Man

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