Wednesday, March 19, 2014

QUEER QUOTE: Oregon AG Declares Marriage Ban Serves "No Rational Purpose"

The Attorney General of Oregon has followed through on her conclusion that the marriage laws of her state are discriminatory and has filed a brief to that effect.

This excerpt from the conclusion of the state's brief in support of marriage equality is today's Queer Quote.
Instead of living in a climate in which same-sex couples are feared and citizens look to their government to protect children from those couples, we now live in a state that recognizes and values same-sex couples and their families. Given what we know today, the state defendants in this case recognize that the ban on same-sex marriage serves no rational purpose and harms Oregon citizens.  
This case presents that rare case in which there simply is no legal argument to be made in support of a state law. If this Court determines that Oregon’s prohibition on same-sex marriage violates plaintiffs’ rights under the federal constitution, the state is prepared to implement that ruling. The state defendants ask for a declaration limited to the specific issue presented in these cases:that Oregon’s marriage laws violate the federal constitution to the extent they do not permit the State to issue marriage licenses solely on the ground that both parties requesting the license are of the same sex or to recognize a valid marriage from another jurisdiction solely because both parties to the marriage are of the same sex. Similarly, the state defendants ask for a limited injunction prohibiting Oregon from enforcing those laws only to the extent that the state denies same-sex couples the right to marry on the same terms as opposite-sex couples.
Looks like marriage will be coming to Oregon sooner rather than later!

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