Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6 Weeks Until Election: Obama 328, Romney 191

There are 42 days (6 weeks) until election day. In this week's TPM Election Scoreboard the Obama-Biden campaign leads the Romney-Ryan campaign with 328 electoral votes to 191. Last week, the margin was 274 for the Democratic and 206 for Republican ticket. Of course, it takes 270 electoral votes to be elected president.

The primary explanation for the change  of 54 electoral votes for the Blue Team is the movement of Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Florida (29) and Virginia (13) from Undecided (Yellow) to leans Democrat (Light Blue) totaling 58 electoral votes with New Hampshire's 4 electoral votes moving from leans Democratic to Undecided. North Carolina's 15 electoral votes moved from Leans Republican to Undecided, thus reducing the Red team's total by 15 from 206 back down to 191.

The total of only 19 electoral votes being undecided (New Hampshire and North Carolina) is the smallest number in the 6 weeks I have been monitoring the electoral vote projections since early August.

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