Saturday, December 27, 2008

FOOD REVIEW: Diner on Main (Alhambra, CA)

Katie's Steak Sandwich

MadProfessah and The Other Half ate lunch at Diner on Main St in Alhambra, California on Monday. It is a very interesting example of the retro-50s "Googie" style. MadProfessah had "Katie's steak sandwich" (with onion rings, since they were out of sweet potato fries) and The Other Half had the club sandwich.

The food was surprisingly good. I suspected I was in for a shock when the perky waitress asked how I wanted my steak cooked. Both sandwiches had surprising touches: his club included avocado (on sourdough toast) and my steak sandwiched had a deliciously piquant aioli mayonnaise.

The googie ambiance was appealing and well-maintained, although a bit out of step with the oldies Christmas music and flat-screen televisions with live football. The service was quite good and although the food was quite good, it wasn't overwhelmingly cheap ($10.95 for the steak sandwich, $8.95 for the club). The Other Half thought the onions rings, while extremely tasty, were a bit oilier than he prefers and there definitely was a not-insignificant amount of gristle in my sanndwich. All in all, I would definitely eat at The Diner on Main again, especially late at night (they are open to 2am on the weekends).


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