Wednesday, August 08, 2012

08/08/08: Today's My 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Me and my husband in front of the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
(May 2012)
Today is my 4th wedding anniversary. On 08/08/08 I got legally married in California, before Proposition 8 passed, preventing other same-sex couples from doing so. Of course, it's somewhat silly just to say it's my 4th wedding anniversary since we have been registered domestic partners in California since 1999 and lived together since 1994 and a couple since 1991! Posting pictures of us together has become a regular tradition of this blog (20092010, 2011), although generally this is the only day where you will see actual pictures of The Other Half.

But there ya go, the state of California only recognizes our marriage as legal and valid from August 8, 2008. I wonder when the United States will do so (when DOMA is struck down sometime in 2013!)

August 8th happens to be Roger Federer's birthday, so it's an easy date for me to remember :)

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