Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebrity Friday: Mariah Joins Idol For $17m

Mariah Carey, the best-selling pop diva with the multi-octave vocal range, has decided to join the cast of Fox's American Idol as a judge on the show's 12th season for the regal fee of $17 million dollars. Carey, 42, is married to the hella phyne Nick Cannon, 31, and the proud mother of 14-month old twin babies Madison and Moroccan (don't ask).

Carey is my favorite singer of all time, but her appearing on the show will still probably not convince me to watch the show, though it may make it more likely I won't change the channel instantaneously if I stumble upon it.

Do you still watch American Idol? If not, will you watch it now that Mariah is going to be on it?

1 comment:

carter said...

Not even Mariah will make me watch that show, especially on that network.


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