Friday, August 10, 2012

Gay Donor Gives $1M To Pro-Obama Super-PAC

Mel Heifetz, 76, gave $1 million dollars to
the pro-Obama Super-PAC Priorities USA
Hollywood celebrities like Bill Maher and Morgan Freeman have each received attention for their 1 million dollar donations to Priorities USA, the super PAC that is working for Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

Now comes word from TowleRoad that an openly gay donor named Mel Heifetz has donated $1 million to the Super PAC as well.

Heifetz explains why in his own words:
"Call it giving back. Call it paying it forward. What I know is I'm 76 years old, I probably don't have too many big elections left in my lifetime, and I have no reason to hold back now. People I admire like Bill Maher and Morgan Freeman have given significantly so why shouldn't I? Whatever I might want to contribute in the future, the future is now -- and I refuse to sit this one out as some try to take us back with policies that will weaken the country I love and have fought for all my life.

As a gay, man, I have lots of political issues that are personal when I look ahead to the November elections. One issue alone -- Gov. Romney's support for a federal marriage amendment -- is as insulting as it is harmful, most especially for gay and lesbian couples of my generation. Romney will take us back to the 1950s. And yet, what motivated me wasn't just one issue. I knew that, if I held back now and failed to help re-elect President Obama, I would regret it for the rest of my life. The urgency of donating in future years will be wasted if we don't get President Obama re-elected this year."
There are not that many openly gay people who can make a $1 million dollar donation without blinking. (I'm looking at you David Geffen, Jon Stryker, Chris Hughes, Tim Cook, Peter Thiel and Tim Gill!)

Cingratulations to Mel Heifetz for standing up for his beliefs.

Hat/tip to TowleRoad.

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