Wednesday, August 01, 2012

POLL: Democrats Support Marriage Equality 2 to 1

The news that Democrats are putting support for marriage equality in the official 2012 DNC platform is now not as surprising (although it is still historic) as it seemed yesterday now considering a new Pew poll which again demonstrates that marriage equality has either majority or near-majority support with the general public and that Democrats overwhelmingly support the right of same-sex couples to marry.

The figure above illustrates the overwhelming difference between Democrats and Republicans on this issue, with the gap in presidential election years moving from +23 (2004) to +31 (2008) and now an astonishing 41 percentage point difference between Republicans and Democrats on the question of marriage equality. The key fact to note is that Independents have switched in that time period from opposition (37-53) to support (51-40).

As I have repeatedly said, the kulturkampf is basically over except for the screaming and gnashing of teeth from the heterosexual supremacists. They are now basically playing a game of delay and deception.

This last image showing the generational gap is basically the death knell for discrimination against same-sex couples in marriage:

Does anyone really think that the Millenial generation or Generation X are ever going to oppose marriage equality, even as they age? Then again, most of the opposition to marriage comes from people who think that there is an all-powerful, all-knowing old white guy in the sky (i..e "God") who listens to their pleas and individually responds to them, so a basic grip on reality is not something generally associated with heterosexual supremacists!

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