Wednesday, August 22, 2012

POLL: National Marriage Equality Support At 53%

A new poll from the Washington Post asks the question "Do you think it should be LEGAL or ILLEGAL for gay and lesbian couples to get married?" The results say that 53% respond legal and 42% respond illegal.
There are differences among partisan groups, with Democrats supporting marriage equality 68% to 27%, Independents supportive 57% to 39% and Republicans 30% to 67%.

The poll breaks out "strongly" held opinions versus "somewhat" and the most strongly held opinion is among 54% of Republicans who have a "strongly held" position that it should be illegal for gay and lesbian couples to get married. This is slightly larger than the 52% of Democrats who have a strongly held belief that it should be legal. Among all adults, there are more people who strongly support marriage equality (39%) than who strongly oppose it (33%).

This latest poll was conducted July 25 to August 5 among a random national sample of 3,105 American adults. It was released August 20, 2012 and becomes one in a series of national polls demonstrating majority support for marriage equality in the last year or so.

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