Thursday, August 14, 2014

President Obama Makes Statement About Disturbing Police Activity In Ferguson, MO

President Obama has made an appearance where he uses the term "excessive force" in describing the disturbing situation in Ferguson, MO. Obama where the police have been using aggressively militaristic tactics like tear gas, firing rubber bullets at protesters and arresting journalists to "maintain order" in response to community protests about the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed African American male, on Saturday August 9.


steven said...

1.The police chief of Ferguson should be fired due to his racist handling of this case. How could Wilson get PAID leave! A person who does not know right from wrong should not be in a position of authority.
2. My White roommate once told me that their racism is engrained. I truly believe his comment due to my experience of racism as an Asian man, and through my education as a sociology major.
3. I wonder why police officers are disproportionately white? I applied to several cities to become a police officer and was denied even with an ivy league degree and a graduate degree. I feel that more officers need to be of color due offset the perpetual racism from cops. This has gone on too long and institutional change needs to occur. Obama "do more". "Yes you can."

steven said...

Just FYI: I never received a warning when stopped by a cop but my white friends always tell me stories about how they were told of violating multiple laws on the road but how they were just given a warning. It's so wrong, especially when I can't even afford to pay the tickets cuz I can't get a job with my ivy league degree in the area of social service due to institutional racism. My former boss told me "we want to hire people that look like us." arrgh
I can only imagine what Blacks go through in our racist society. From: Asian perspective


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